Initial Coin Mining

  1. Multilevel Invitation: You can invite user register. Bothas first level will get 1000 Coins, second level 88, third level 8 and fourth level 1. Assume that you invite 100 registration, you will get more than 100*100*100*100 = 100 Millions Coins.
  2. Staking: Owners of Bigtangle Coins get 30% mining reward per year.
  3. E-commerce: Customers receive 15% mining reward for each sale and purchase transaction. Merchants get 5%.
  4. Exchange: Every transaction is not only free, but also get 10% mining reward.
  5. Certificate: You can provide digital ID and IoT device IDs on Bigtangle, which have been verified by an organization. Each certificate can be mined for 1000 coins.
  6. Health Care: Bigtangle provides digital health services such as digital medical records, prescriptions and sick leave sheets. Each digital medical record confirmed by a medical institution can receive a mining reward of 1000 Bigtangle coins.

The BigTangle is a decentralized cryptocurrency, payment, exchange, supply chain and e-commerce platform with the advantages: Near-Time Transactions , Infinite Scalability, Smart Contracts, Permissionless, Trustless, Decentralized Exchange, Ease of use, Completely Feeless and Quantum Security.

BITCOIN, ETHEREUM and IOTA are special cases in BigTangle.

Intrinsic Values of BigTangle!

Worldwide, there are $180 trillions worth of payments made every year, with a combined cost of more than $1.7 trillions a year for processing alone. BigTangle is the only token for enterprises and banks with the ability to facilitate the transfer of values on a global scale. By combining scalability, zero fees and decentralization, it becomes possible to immensely reduce many of the following infrastructure costs:



By providing scalable infrastructure, BigTangle allows the global transaction volume to be processed in one network. Most importantly, this offers infrastructural cost advantages by eliminating complex, costly processes of traditional paymenetnt processing.


Fiat Money

For banks and central banks, the token issuance protocol can be used to issue bank-backed tokens denoting conventional fiat money. Fiat money transactions can then feasibly be processed within seconds on a worldwide scale.



Markets for stocks, bonds etc. can easily be realized by creating new token equivalents. Companies can publish stocks and use the BigTangle network. The existing stock markets can be fully integrated by using BigTangle as a financial back-end.


Supply Chain

Under the assumption of trustworthy suppliers issuing authenticity tokens, it is trivial to track product authenticity via token transfers. This allows the trustless tracking of inventories in supply chains for consumers and middlemen alike.


Decentralized E-commerce Platforms

All products and services can be tracked on the network, enabling anyone to build decentralized e-commerce platforms.

Android App

Download the zip file (70 MB) from following servers, extract the zip file and run bigtangle.exe.

Wallet Download with installed Java (>= 1.8)

On Linux/Mac, start bin/bigtangle-wallet. On Windows, use bin\bigtangle-wallet.bat to start the wallet application.

Server Node

You do not need to run the server node for your wallet application. For the production you must have a Big data cluster (Hadoop, Spark) with minimum 10 servers. For the test you can run the server on your desktop. more...



Our Team

We are proud of our great team.



Dr. Jianjun Cui

30 years in development: Big Data, Web Application, Cloud Computing, Distributed Database and Bitcoin.
He published the paper of Quasi-Monte-Carlo in 1997. This is called Cui-Freeden Statistics.


Finance + Communications

Dr. Pu Zhou


Marketing + Organization

Wolfgang Blumenthal

30 years Bank- and Insurance-Marketing, Venture Capital Marketing.


Business Analyst

Martin Drees

30 years in development: Distributed Application


Core Developer

Yang Liu

10 years in development: Web Application and Blockchain


Core Developer

Tao Jiang

20 years in development: Web Application and Cloud Computing


Core Developer

Kai Cui

3 years in development of Web Applications and Bitcoin


Core Developer

Maximilian Hensel

3 years in development: Web Applications


UI Developer

Maximilian Lowin

3 years in development of UI Applications


Core Developer

Xiao Mi

10 years in development: Web Application and Bitcoin


Core Developer

Dr. Xiaojin Wang

20 years in development: Data Analyst and Data Scientist


Business Analyst

Frank Lu

10 years in development: Kershner Trading Group Akuna Capital




Prof. Dr. Willi Freeden



Dr. Mike Lee

Email: Wechat: cui8161188

Inasset GmbH
Am Krautgarten 32b
D-61194 Niddatal
Dr. Pu Zhou

Commercial Register: Friedberg (HRB 6139)
VAT ID number: DE207013661